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Average monthly temperature in April: Min 11 Max 19 °C

Average monthly sea temperature in April: 15 °C
Easter holidays in Sardinia

The North Sardinia is well known for the Costa Smeralda, with its crystal clear sea and its luxury hotels. But this area is much more: the granite cliffs of Gallura, the breathtaking scenery of La Maddalena, the traditions and the colors of the inland.

Easter holidays in Sardinia

The heart of South Sardinia and of the whole island, Cagliari is a city of a thousand faces which maintains the charm of its history. The city is located in the Golfo degli Angeli, a few miles away: protected natural areas and breathtaking landscapes, archaeological treasures and beautiful villages.

West Coast

Easter holidays in Sardinia

The west coast includes a beautiful inland, beautiful beaches and a collection of lovely small towns. Travelling north, one will come across the town of Bosa, a perfectly romantic setting for a couple’s holiday, and Alghero, also known as ‘Little Barcelona’. The fortified city boasts a charming historic centre and vibrant social and cultural life. 

East Coast

Easter holidays in Sardinia

Situated halfway up the island’s east coast, the territories of Ogliastra and Nuoro pose a natural amphitheatre where the mountains of Gennargentu fluently slip into the Tyrrhenian Sea, revealing very rare magnificence. This area has managed to preserve the wild beauty of its natural heritage and the mystery of its traditions.

This year, Easter is the perfect opportunity to discover Sardinia and its ancient traditions

Sardinia is like a play, offering a new scenario every time the curtain rises: ancient traditions and craftsmanship, wild and unspoiled nature, indescribable landscapes and beaches.

The off-season is the perfect opportunity to experience every corner of the island, to admire its landscapes and small villages, to taste the spring fruits and discover its most authentic traditions.

Plan your Easter holidays in Sardinia:

  • Make sure you enjoy the tranquility and convenience of the off-season;
  • Enjoy the mild and pleasant climate of the Mediterranean spring;
  • Witness the spectacle of the evocative rites of Holy Week;
  • Taste the flavors of Sardinia, awakened by the spring.



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